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The past year has been very intense. I got into Germinal without being operational at all (read here to understand how I have educated myself in approx. a month). After a year of hard work and great training, my learning curve has skyrocketed way more than I imagined. Among other things, I have worked for 15+ start-ups and scale-ups (in various industries e.g. E-commerce, Mobile App or SaaS, incl. top ones like OpenClassrooms, Peanut App or Kazidomi ), offered 1o1 coaching sessions to 10+ entrepreneurs and given Growth Hacking classes in business schools and incubators. …

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As you probably know it, 2021 has seen the launch of the extremely US hyped app Clubhouse in France. After several weeks using it, I think it’s time to take a step back on their go-to-market strategy, which I found truly smart.

Like every social network, the first goal is to get a tremendous number of users onboard (ideally hundreds of thousands or even a million) and get high engagement / use rates (translating into ever-growing daily / monthly active users) before trying to monetize them somehow. The main reason is to achieve network effects. Basically, if you do not…

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Like many people, the COVID-19 crisis and the underlying lockdown has been a unique opportunity for self-examination and new skills development. Since I was just coming into a work transition period at the beginning of the quarantine and knew I would have plenty of time to strengthen my employability, I decided to learn as much as I could about Growth Hacking (GH)(as it was the only job role I would eventually apply for in a start-up if I was not kicking off a Venture Capital career). At this time I am writing, it has been a few months I have…

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It has been years I have been reading “best tips” articles about succeeding in your VC fundraising without finding exhaustive and concrete resources. After one year of experience in Venture Capital on both sides of the table, i.e. as a fundraising advisor and as an analyst in a VC firm, I would like to give back to entrepreneurs the lessons I have learned in this enthralling industry. This is not at all meant to be the holy grail of fundraising, but simply a pragmatic analysis with tangible examples and a summary of key success factors I have been able to…

Johary Randria

Passionate about entrepreneurship, start-ups and tech.

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